NRNA UK Establishes NRNA UK Youth Council

The NRNA UK Youth Team


The global umbrella network Non Resident Nepali Association was established back in 2003 with the purpose of uniting and binding the Nepali Diaspora under one umbrella. Some of the NRNA goals include promoting financial investment in Nepal, obtaining dual citizenship and promoting the exchange of knowledge and technology between NRNs and Nepal.

Getting to the point – the NRNA UK has recently established the NRNA UK Youth Council. With a growing number of young Nepalis living in the UK, the NRNA UK committee saw it vital to form a youth council to have a better understanding of the needs and problems of the youths living in the UK. The team consists of maturing Nepalis living in the UK.

NRNA UK Youth Coordinator Shraddha Gurung shared:

I believe that the youths are misunderstood most of the time. People may have preconceived notions about who they are and what they do based on their lifestyle. Contrary to that, people are very different and can achieve a lot more even if they are not academic or come from a different background. Due to the pressure exerted by the society, one may succumb to a career that is not of their interest. This is just an example of many issues that are ongoing in the youth society. Youths are the future leaders of our society so it is highly crucial that we understand them and help them shape for a better future.

Moreover, since we have the first and second British Nepalese generation growing in the UK, it is important that we keep our Nepalese traditions alive in our community and pass it down. Hence, in future, we plan on doing projects that will help the younger generation learn more about the Nepalese culture and its history.

NRNA UK Youth Council plans on bringing youths of different counties (predominantly Nepalese populated) together, to understand the problems and needs of the youths and cater solutions accordingly.

We plan on offering informal education, positive participation and volunteering to promote personal and social development. We plan on enabling youths to reach their full potential and become valued members of society.

This summer we plan on hosting several events to help the Nepalese youths living the UK. NRNA UK Youth Council would like to extend our open invitation to the youths living in the UK if they share similar interests and would like to help the younger generation.”

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The committee currently comprises of NRNA UK Youth Coordinator Shraddha Gurung and Youth Representatives from the following areas, universities and organisations:

University of Surrey: Asim Chalise, Sujan Shrestha and Sachin Pun
Live for Change: Chandrika Gurung
Mukti: Laxmi Gurung
Kingston University: Durga Gurung (Miss UK Nepal 2012)
Brunel University: Miruna Magar
University of Kent: Sarita Magar
Bournemouth University: Kevin Rai
City University: Samiksha Rana
Gurkha Welfare Society Youth Club: Nilima Thapa
Reading: Heera Poon
Press Team:
Mr. Everest Gautam
Mr. Meelan Sharma
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