When Selena Gomez Came To Nepal

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By now I am sure that everyone has read, seen photos and been bombarded with “Selena Gomez in Nepal” updates. Unfortunately, due to my time away in the rural villages I wasn’t able to blog about Selena Gomez being in Nepal there and then. I remember finding out and thinking, why the hell am I stuck here in gau. Oh well. Some of you may remember my Facebook page status and Tweets informing about Miss Gomez being in Nepal – I did try my best to share it out.

The American popstar and actress is also the official UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. During her stay in Kathmandu, Gomez stayed at the Dwarikas Hotel. Apart from visiting a pashmina shop and taking selfies with the shopkeepers and her fans in Kathmandu, Selena flew to Nepalgunj where she attended an event organized by UNICEF in Dang. The ‘Come and Get It’ singer also visited various livelihood projects conducted by UNICEF Nepal and the Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge in Bardia National Park.

The official visit was kept under wraps until photos of Buddha Air staff with Selena surfaced on social media websites.

I’ve tried to make it up by sharing as many photos of Selena in Nepal here.

Photo: Selena Gomez – Instagram

Photo: Selena Gomez – Instagram

Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge

Photo: Selena Gomez – Instagram

Selena-Gomez-Buddha-Air-Staff Selena-Gomez-Dance-Dang Selena-Gomez-Dwarikas-Hotel-Kathmandu Selena-Gomez-Fan-Kathmandu-Selfie Selena-Gomez-Kathmandu-Airport Selena-Gomez-Selfie-Dwarikas Selena-Gomez-Selfie-Kathmandu Selena-Gomez-Selfie-Kathmandu-1 Selena-Gomez-Tiger-Tops-Dance

When I heard that Selena Gomez was in Kathmandu and I was so far away, in gau. My face went like this:

I also didn’t realise that Selena had so many fans in Nepal. The girls that went to Dwarikas to see her, I am well jel.

Even though her Come and Get It song was a big hit in 2013, I still love her old song “Love You Like A Love Song”.

Many are aware of Selena Gomez because she dated Justin Bieber.

MTV USA recently labeled her the new Britney Spears… erm, No.


PS. With quite a few Hollywood and Bollywood visitors – the question is, who’s next??

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  1. I knew her from the series Wizards of the waverly place. I found her so so cute and extremely talented, I was already a fan. And later suddenly saw her in a music video “who says”. .She is a great singer too.
    And I heard she was in Nepal but I was not at that time. Anyways I loved the video and pictures in the post. Thanks Lex Limbu.

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