Chitwan National Park on “35 Most Amazing National Parks on Earth”

Crocodile Breeding Center!
Crocodile Breeding Center!

The very popular safari destination Chitwan National Park has made it on Huffington Post’s “The 35 Most Amazing National Parks on Earth”. The number one spot is taken by Arenal Volcano National Park of Costa Rica and our Chitwan National Park comes at a comfortable 19th position. Do visit the link and see what else makes the list – some of the national parks look heavenly! I want to travel!

The Huffington Post blog shares this about Chitwan National Park:

Outside of Africa, there are few parks that offer the variety of large, exotic animals as Nepal’s Chitwan National Park: rhinos, cloud leopards, monkeys, and one of the highest concentrations of Bengal tigers in the world. Can you imagine a better place for your first safari? 

Wah! After going through that list – I just want to pack my bags right now.

PS. I recently visited Chitwan and we made a short video of our time there and our stay at Kasara Resort – feel free to watch.

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