Official Tracing Nepal Posters!!

Poster: Swapnil Acharya
Poster: Swapnil Acharya

I just received this final version of the TRACING NEPAL poster from Swapnil Acharya! Thank you so much Swapnil! I love it!

Though things have been slow on the public front, there’s been plenty to keep me busy regarding Tracing Nepal. Last month, I went to visit Maya Universe Academy and Singhadebi Madhyamik Vidhyalaya in Sablakhu. On top of that there has been constant communication with The Last Resort and my best efforts to update all the social media front too – please follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Like us on Facebook! With the volunteers all confirmed – there’s no backing out now – I have been getting crazy ideas to make the experience so much more! We shall see what I can pull off!

Tracing Nepal 2014 team – I’ll see you in Kathmandu! August 3! And I dislike it if you’re late. #TracingNepal


I am also very thankful to our official sponsors for Tracing Nepal. You might be wondering…

“Why on earth does Tracing Nepal even need sponsors?”  

Simple – while we’re on the journey, we’re bound to meet many people, organisations and children – and we thought it would be lovely for us to be able to gift them something as well rather than just experiencing it all. Our volunteers are already having to pay for their own flights, accommodation, food and transport – for the experience! So we thought it would be best if we approach a few Nepali businesses based in the UK to support Tracing Nepal. The businesses have agreed to provide t-shirts, school equipments, bags and more. You at home will also be able to support Tracing Nepal – details coming within the next few weeks!

Who Are The Sponsors?

Here’s what the ABOUT US reads from the DREAMS website…

DREAMS magazine was conceived from a dream, a dream that was destined to come true. A dream to unite Nepalis all over the world through their stories, and inspire them to never let go of their dreams.

DREAMS encourages youth to dream, to aspire, and unlock their potentials. It tells them that dreams do come true. And then, it tells them how.

It just made sense to link up with DREAMS – after all, it’s all about following your dream and making it a reality! Please do visit the website to read unique stories of struggle and successes. Very well researched and written. I always keep a close eye!

MD:Prabesh KC 07889306179
MD:Prabesh KC 07889306179

Remember Fishtail Builders for…

Our Services – General building works, Kitchen & Bathroom, Extension/New Build Conversion, Plumbing &Heating, Double Glazing, House Renovation and Fencing & Guttering.

The team behind Fishtail Builders have always been supportive of my efforts and various projects in the past. When I shared the Tracing Nepal idea, they were very enthusiastic and believed that this would indeed be a great practical learning experience for Nepali youths to explore and live the reality of the millions of Nepalis.

Here’s what Deurali Travel are known for…

We are an independent  travel agency established in 2005. We specialise in providing airtickets to Nepal which  is our main market and destination.  Besides Nepal we can also offer  you competitive and genuine fares to Hong Kong, India, Brunei and all other destinations.

In a short span of time, Deurali Travel has evolved into a reliable, respected and genuine travel agency within the Nepalese Community in UK.  Deurali Travel  is recommended exclusively by many of our loyal and regular customers for our reputation of accuracy, reliability and superior customer service. 

It only took one phone call and Deurali Travel was fully on-board with Tracing Nepal. The gentlemen behind the popular travel agency not only agreed to support the initiative but also gave me plenty of valuable advice for Tracing Nepal and its future.

And NAJIK.COM is… is an online store delivering international products right to your door.’ motto is ‘making things possible’ and, for over the years, we have worked as a team to exceed the expectations of our customers. This means we have a steely determination to get things done, find ways around the impossible, and see challenges as opportunities. This equates to each individual acting instinctively in what has become known as ‘The Najik Way.’

NAJIK.COM has been started by a team of Nepalis based out of Nepal and from Nepal. Talking to a few of the UK based members proved to be very encouraging as they too see hope and opportunity in Nepal. The NAJIK.COM business model is a unique idea that is all set to take off very soon. For now, you can visit their website or drop by the store in Mercantile Plaza, Durbar Marg.

Signaturee Crew
Signaturee Crew

And The Signaturee Facebook page simply reads…


I knew I had to atleast have one Nepali event company to support Tracing Nepal – it just made sense. Youths need to support youths too! Thankfully they were positive regarding the whole idea. Signaturee Crew are well known for their Nepali New Year Parties, for organizing Nepali film screenings including the recent KABADDI and their much talked about fashion/dance/music event THE SHOW!

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