Pokhara Is Pharrell Williams HAPPY!

So here it is! The HAPPY video from Pokhara by S2 Production. I like this video because it really gives a beautiful glimpse of Pokhara! So kudos the the people for making this video more than just few pretty people dancing about. Your city is beautiful and you guys have done a great job by showing that off. I am not too sure about the “celebrities” tag though – BUT, do view the ABOUT section of the video as the makers have listed all the names and titles of the people in the video, so well done for doing that.

Apparently there is another HAPPY video from Pokhara on its way! LOL.

PS. I cant wait to go to Pokhara now… I was only 1 hour away from the lake city yesterday but I chose to return back to Kathmandu #facepalm


A Film by Sooraz Shrestha – S2 Production
Choreographer: Bibek Gurung
Managed By: Siddhartha Poudel
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