Pharrell’s HAPPY Video Featuring Nepali Celebrities!

Here comes yet another HAPPY – Pharrell Williams video from Nepal! The video by Golden Yak Entertainment features celebrities from Nepal. I had a hard time recognising a few faces – I am sure many of you will feel the same LOL. I am loving Anup Baral’s moves tho!! Who knew eh, who knew! And Nischal Basnet too!

Just to let you guys know – there’s a HAPPY video from Pokhara expected to hit youtube very soon. Honestly, I am done with the song… not because I don’t like it but because I’ve heard it sooo much. Lol.

Screenshot from the video!
Screenshot from the video!

PS. The video has cleverly utilised on the viewers watching as there is also a short trailer of the upcoming Nepali film ZHIGRANA starring Nikun Shrestha! The film is the first production by Golden Yak Entertainment. It looks different to what we normally see, I MIGHT go see it!

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  1. Oh. Come on. Just poor copy of Happy -Kathmandu
    Even without known faces it was much much better.
    Even the props are copied and our celebs were showing jabarjastiko happiness.

  2. The short trailer of ‘Zhigrana’ beats the video Lex dai!
    But still….loved the video..! It’d have been the best of Sanjay dai if some happy moves were there for him 😀 (y)

  3. Many people dont know that Anup Baral is a old-school bboy,people used to call him Mr. Wave in 80’s n he was a member of M.E.B. Crew (Magnificient Electric Breakers) Pokhara. Now all the ex-M.E.B. crews live abroad (Hongkong/UK/Japan).

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