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Idea Studio Nepal have their upcoming I HAVE AN IDEA event taking place on Sunday from 3PM to 6PM at the Nepal Academy Hall in Kamaladi. The event will feature Anil Keshary Shah who will talk the audience through the few hours by conversing with eminent achievers including Ani Choying Drolma, Paras Khadka and Nisha Adhikari. The figures will talk about their journey from idea to reality!

What a line-up! It’s set to be a packed affair. Make sure you arrange your tickets in advance.

“I Have An Idea” is a campaign initiated by IDEA STUDIO (http://www.ideastudionepal.com/) to respect, promote and invest on Innovative Ideas that are generated in Nepal. Since solutions to the problems faced by our society lie in our own hands, we come together, share the spark of our ideas, add on positive energy and join hands for a prosperous society on this occasion.

“I Have An Idea” is a beginning of our journey to convert your Ideas into reality. Here, we will showcase how Innovative Ideas have transformed lives of people who have dared to dream, dared to believe in their Ideas and the impact they have made in their societies. 

Anil Keshary Shah will take you through this event with eminent achievers as speakers including – Ani Choying Drolma, Paras Khadka and Nisha Adhikari share their journey from Idea to Reality and letting you know how the Idea Studio can help you make your idea a reality too.”

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  1. I have one idea. It related to banking sector of ‘IT’, it just like mobile banking or sms banking. I want to develop a simple banking deposit and other system by the help of mobile and application but i don’t have manpower and invest, I don’t want to share my idea to anyone because this type of system are not available in our country even out of countrys are also unknown for this system. so, what should i do ?

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