Former Gurkha Bishnu Gurung Becomes Hounslow Deputy Mayor

Bishnu Gurung Hounslow Deputy Mayor

Congratulations to former Gurkha soldier Bishnu Gurung for being elected to represent Hounslow as a deputy mayor! He is also the chairman of the Gurkha Nepalese Community in Hounslow.


CORRECTION: First Nepalese deputy mayor in the UK is Jagannath Sharma from Colburn town council North Yorkshire (Shared by Nabin Pokharel and Naresh Khapangi Magar)

Deputy Mayor Bishnu Gurung

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  1. Congratulation to MAMA. We are proud of him. I know he will do great things for us in HOUNSLOW now.

    LOL at correction: I guess he couldn’t be the first nepalese deputy mayor in UK 🙁
    OH well first in LONDON …

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