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Did you know that today is the World Suicide Prevention Day? Well I didn’t but thanks to readers – now I do! In 2011, an estimated 40 countries held awareness events to mark the occasion. Ahh! I hope that number increases! It’s only been few days since I blogged about how 15 Nepalis take their life every day and how one suicide occurs every 40 seconds! Those are scary statistics right there! Even after I blogged about that – I’ve read several news articles about suicides happening in different parts of Nepal.

Thanks to a reader – I also came across SUICIDE PREVENTION HELPLINE NEPAL group on Facebook. This is what it says on the group:

Suicide Helpline is a non profit project in helping, befriending, guiding needy individuals regarding suicide issues. We aim to prevent suicidal casualties; we encourage the needy ones to get professional help. Call receivers are students, professionals of Psychiatry and Psychology and related field who are well oriented and trained in handling calls and befriending in suicide helpline. Phone Numbers(9840021600) and other NCell( currently on process) will be advertised over social media and other means, and the line will be open 24X7 and any help regarding suicide issues( counselling, crisis management, referral) will be provided over phone.

I’ve been trying to call the helpline from 12PM today and it’s 3.30PM and I haven’t been able to speak to anyone… I wanted to call up and ask the people about when this helpline started, how its going – regarding the volume of calls and what it hopes to do in the future! Oh and also talk about the recent publication by the World Health Organization.

Anyways’ that’s that. Remember – we all have a purpose! That’s why we live! To fulfill it! Find your purpose! Don’t give up – if you want to then drop me an email at and we can always talk.

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