I AM - Bhumika Shrestha

Bhumika Shrestha is an actress from the critically acclaimed film HIGHWAY by Deepak Rauniyar and also an advocate for LGBTI rights in Nepal. Shrestha has been the face of many documentaries and is also a budding politician. She recently made a short 2 minute clip with Nicola Desouza talking to the viewers about her identity. Transgender people are more likely to suffer and face violence in the public and private domain. Many individuals are also unable to access healthcare, receive education and rights that another ‘straight’ human being enjoys. With a high rate of suicide and likelihood of entering the sex industry, it is vital that we learn to treat everyone equally and give everyone an opportunity to bring their best.

I AM - Bhumika Shrestha
I AM – Bhumika Shrestha
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  1. I admire her and Anjali Lama a lot, they both are such inspiring person. And they both are doing their best to break the stereotypes that people have towards transgenders in Nepal.

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