Captured by Linden Photography
Captured by Linden Photography
Captured by Linden Photography

“Anjali : Living Inside Someone Else’s Skin” will have its exclusive Nepal premiere on September 18th in Kathmandu’s Kumari Cinema. The film by Mohan Rai follows the story of Anjali Lama, a popular trangender model and her journey from Nabin Waiba to Anjali Lama. The fifty-minute long film takes Anjali back to her place of birth, captures views from her family and gives a glimpse of the life of Anjali Lama right now. 

“I was born in a big family with four older brothers and two younger sisters. I used to find it very weird when I had likes, dislikes and thoughts of a girl when I was physically identified as a male. Only after I came to Kathmandu for my higher studies, I found my true identity,” Anjali said at a press conference for the film on Wednesday.

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