Nepali Ad Featuring Malvika Subba Dubbed in Hindi

You may have seen the advertisement featuring Malvika Subba for Indian brand BALTRA Home Appliances on TV and during the popcorn break in cinemas – well – some great news for the former Miss Nepal as the advert has been dubbed in Hindi and is being shown in different Indian channels. This is quite amusing as we’re so used to watching Indian ads dubbed in Nepali and now we’re seeing a Nepali ad dubbed in Hindi.

Malvika Subba took to her official Facebook page to share the news with over 550,000 fans by announcing:

“In the history of Nepali ads, this is the first time that a Nepali ad of an Indian product has been dubbed in Hindi and shown in Indian channels. Finally found the Hindi link 🙂 Baltra home appliances.” – Malvika Subba

Great stuff! More power to you Malvika!


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  1. Well its gr8 to see that they took ad from country and dubbed but why is it slow small. I mean by length wise ofcourse. And about 1st ad being displayed on indian tv, i remember seeing ‘2pm noodles’ ad being broadcasted earlier.

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