Malvika Subba Declares Her Support For The Gay Community!

Malvika Subba with Bhumika Shrestha.
Malvika Subba with Bhumika Shrestha.

She’s adored by the young generation and well appreciated by the older bunch and now Malvika Subba can expect more appreciation and following from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of Nepal after she went live on air at UJYALO 90 Network radio and declared her support and love for the LGBT community.

The radio show was led by Blue Diamond Society’s Bhumika Shrestha who is also a prominent figure within the LGBT community of Nepal. Shrestha also appeared in the critically acclaimed Nepali film HIGHWAY. Speaking to Shrestha, Malvika shared “Samajle ke bhancha bhanera ma kahile yo samaj bata alaggina prayash garina. Ma ke hu ra ke ho? Yo byakti swayamlai matra thaha huncha. Kasle ke bhancha bhanera samlingi tesrilingi sanga boldai na bolne, sangai nahidne, sangai kaam nagarne bhanne hudaina” (PS – This is a direct Nepali to English translation). Subba also shared that there are many of such individuals in the field that she is involved in but not all are able to be publicly open about their sexuality.

Kudos to Malvika for declaring her support publicly!! Hope to see more Nepali-brity’s supporting the LGBT community in the days to come.

PS. Read the full article in Nepali here!

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