5 Reasons To Volunteer in Nepal


Travelling not only exposes you to different cultures, people and language but it is also one of the biggest way to educate yourself about the world that we live in. As more and more venture away, there is a trend in young adults and gap-year students exploring the land less travelled. From climbing virgin mountains to experiencing life with ancient hill tribes, the world is becoming more accessible!

Nepal is a country nestled between the giants China and India, yet it still manages to hold a unique appeal to travellers from all over the world. Though the nation doesn’t even receive one million tourists in a year, it has enough for the people coming to experience this landlocked Himalayan nation. Whether it’s the idea of taking a dip in the icy cool Himalayan rivers or meditating on the very grounds where Lord Buddha was born, Nepal caters to the young and old.

If you have been wondering about volunteering in Nepal then reading this article will definitely make your mind up!!

TRAVEL – When you get free time from your volunteering program the first thing you’d want to do is to see the country! Where else better than Nepal? A 25 minute flight from Kathmandu will get you deep into the Chitwan National Park where rhinos, bears and tigers are a common sight to see. If the wild is not your thing then head north into the mountains and see the highest mountain in the world Everest with your own eyes! Kathmandu itself has many world heritage sites to visit, a festival taking almost every day and plenty of boutique hotels popping up around the city to pamper yourself and make you feel five star!

VOLUNTEER – Nepal is a country that has recently come out of a civil war. The country is on the road to recovery and along this journey, it needs manpower and skills of people in various strands of development ranging from education, infrastructure, conservation and awareness. From medical volunteering, construction work, teaching to wildlife conservation, the country provides volunteering opportunities in plenty to people of all ages and diverse interests. Some volunteer programs even let you combine your program with trekking along the mountains.

DIVERSITY – Those that experience Nepal emphasize on the diverse nature of the country. From its topography, culture to environment, Nepal is a combination of everything. The flatland Terai is home to the Tharu community and the many endangered animals of the country whilst the north is known for the Everest and the Yeti. Like its contrasting topography, Nepal is also home to different religions from Hinduism, Buddhism and a growing population of Muslims. The country is comprised of many different indigenous groups and languages. Nepal also offers some amazing food!

WHERE YOU MATTER – Unlike many other countries in Asia, Nepal is still relatively shut off from the western world. The tourist arrival in the country is yet to exceed one million and with this said, this is a country where you will matter. Volunteering in Nepal will give you a different feeling… in contrast to many other programs in different countries where you arrive, do the activities and leave without bonding with the locals and the children; volunteering or even travelling in Nepal means opening yourself up to bond with the country and her people.

AFFORDABLE – Getting to Nepal from Europe/Americas might be costly but once you reach the country you’ll be surprised to see how affordable things are! Accommodation and food ranges from as little as $10 – $20 a day. It all depends on where you stay and what you eat. The best way to save money is by not eating Western food. The sooner you go local the better. There are two seasons in Nepal, peak and off-peak; visiting during the off-peak period means prices will be much more affordable! As a volunteer you will mostly be living outside of the city in rural villages where there are hardly any opportunities to spend your money.

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