10 Ways To Save Money For Travelling!


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When you’re planning to travel for an extended period of time, saving money can seem like this gigantic task! To make everything possible you will need to plan in months advance. Make sure you set a goal, earn more and save more! Remember, saving more means you’ll have more to spend during your time away!!

I’ve compiled a simple list of 10 ways that you can save money. Read it below and don’t hesitate to tell me what works for you and what doesn’t.

1. Avoid cafés!

Though one might believe that having a cuppa’ is harmless to your wallet, it actually adds up! The cost of coffee can range between £1.80 to £3.00 and if you like your caffeine then you could very well be spending £7.20- £12.00 just on coffee!! The best thing to do is to carry your own flask to your workplace or sign up for a loyalty card so you can collect points and eventually receive your free coffee and snacks.

 2. Sign Up for Online Film Rental Service

It’s time to avoid the big blockbuster films that you had been waiting for! Going to the cinema is a costly activity. From tickets, popcorn and drinks; the cinema experience is once again becoming a luxury. Why not sign up for one of the many affordable online film rental service or buy second-hand DVD’s and have microwave popcorn at home! This will definitely save you a lot of money.

3. Carry Cash!

Even though it’s all about carrying card these days, take a step back and start carrying cash. Plastic money (cards basically) is your enemy! Try to make a habit of withdrawing cash from your nearest cash point. Having cash on your hand will make you feel like that’s real money right there and you’ll be saving even the shortest of change! That’s the way forward – saving is earning!

 4. Find Free Things To Do!

Plans with friends do not always need to revolve around food and drinks! Finding something to do for free is not a difficult task. The range of options may not be the best thing available but settle with the fact that you do not have to shell money out. Going to the park and playing football, visiting museums, public concerts and exhibitions are some of the free things that is probably available in your city!

 5. Find The Best Deal!

This rule can be applied everywhere! From grocery shopping to browsing for flight tickets online – make sure you’ve spent enough time listing all the options, comparing price, quality and safety (depends on what you are buying) in order for you to get the best deal and save money! Even when you are eating with friends, go during Happy Hour, ask the waiter for any group deals and offers! Remember, saving money is not embarrassing.

 6. Sell Your Stuff!

A quick skim through your room will probably result in the discovery of so many things that you no longer need; books, old clothes, electronic items and more. You may no longer need them but to someone somewhere it will be of use. A simple status or a tweet can do the trick! You can also head over to eBay and create your own shop account. It’s better to sell it away then let it gather dust in your room.

 7. Work More!

That dream holiday or that unique volunteer program will only live up to your imagination and be more than that if you choose to work more! If your workplace is offering over-time, extra pay and calling you to come to work to fill in for somebody else, just say yes! Hours of hard-work now is guaranteed to give you the best time when you are away. If you’re heading to a place where the currency exchange is smaller then even a little will go a long way!

8. Book Ahead

The earlier you buy your air tickets, the more you are likely to save! Though many love the idea of turning up on the day and booking a room or hopping on the next flight – you won’t necessarily be saving money that way. You might even be paying more! With the World Wide Web becoming the ‘go to’ destination for everything, make sure you browse through accommodations and if it looks good then book it right away! The walk-in rate at certain accommodation places can be 60% more than the online rate.

 9. Don’t Drink Too Much!

You will be having the time of your life when you are away so make sure you have enough money to do exactly that. Alcohol can be expensive in popular cities such as London, New York and Sydney so it might be a good idea to stop drinking on a whole. You will be saving a lot of money if you start cutting down on going outside to eat or drink.

 10. Public Transport All The Way

You want to save money? You better use public transport! Getting from A to B might be cost efficient but if you are going to be outdoors for the whole day then make sure you get a day travel pass. Do not hesitate to ask if you can get student concession. Try to avoid taxis unless when necessary. It might be a very cheeky thing to do but if possible ask for a lift from friends and family!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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