Priyanka Karki’s Dance at INFA Announcement Event! VIDEO!

Quite a triple threat Miss Karki is!

The actress, dancer and singer hit the stage at the very end of the INFA Announcement event on Wednesday night at the Hyatt Regency and boy did she dance her heart out. The Suntali actress performed in a medley of Nepali songs including the new item song “Nachana Maiya” from Talakjung vs Tulke and “Chalak Chalak” from the film Dhuwani. Love it or hate it but the dance by Priyanka left many speechless including me! Her expression and moves were on point and the part when she came down the stage and danced midst the guests took the dance performance to another level, she’s an entertainer!!

Looking forward to SUNTALI from Miss Karki!

With Miss Karki straight after her performance
With Miss Karki straight after her performance

Priyanka Karki Dance 2014

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