Miss World Contestant Intro – Miss Nepal Subin Limbu

So the Miss World journey for Miss Nepal Subin Limbu has officially kicked off! The twenty-three year old Miss Nepal has been busy preparing for the grand Miss World pageant, set to take place in London on December 14. Limbu will be flying across to UK in mid-November. The big question is whether Nepalis living in London will go to support the Miss Nepal? I remember going to the Miss World event in 2011 when Malina Joshi was the Miss Nepal and there were hardly any Nepalis there. Fortunately, Subin also has her parents living in the UK so I am sure she’ll have quite a few folks coming to cheer her on!

Here’s to wishing Subin Limbu all the best!

Here’s a glimpse of how Subin celebrated Dashain this year!

Facebook: Subin Limbu
Facebook: Subin Limbu

Facebook: Subin Limbu
Facebook: Subin Limbu

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  1. After all the grooming session, you still feel nervous infront of the camera. Your move shows all. What would you do on that stage? What was the director doing? Please somebody tell her so that she doesnot repeat that out there

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