Nepal Airlines New Aircraft KOILI Arrives!!

Image: The Kathmandu Post
Image: The Kathmandu Post

What a name aye!! Nepal Airlines received it’s very first Harbin Y12e aircraft from China yesterday. The 18-seater aircraft named KOILI by NAC is part of a six aircraft deal between Nepal and China. Let’s hope KOILI actually spends more time in the sky than the hanger at Tribhuvan International Airport. The previous aircraft, the MA60 gifted by China has had an embarrassing start with the aircraft being grounded several times till date. Nepal Airlines will receive another MA 60 and four more Harbin Y12e…soon (they said in the next three months but let’s see).

KOILI is expected to connect Kathmandu to Simara, Pokhara and Tumlingtar. Now can we please focus on the more important things like giving the TIA airport a face-lift, re-training all the staff and trying our best to make it feel more international… at the rate we’re going, TIA will clinch the No.1 position next year for the worst airport in the world (it came very close this year). Lol.

PS. According to their initial announcement, Nepal Airlines should receive it’s first Airbus A320 in Feb 2015! Lets see!

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