No More Alcohol On Nepal Airlines!

Nepal Airlines B757
Nepal Airlines B757

Looks like times are hard for Nepal Airlines! The national airline of Nepal has announced that it will no longer serve alcohol on its international flights. What a bummer for the passengers. Nepal Airlines Corporation spokesperson Ram Hari Sharma shared “The decision to cut down alcohol onboard is to help flyers stay healthy”. Er’ really, does he expect people to believe that?

Our only international airline currently flies to four destinations – Doha, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok on its two Boeing 757 aircraft. The airline is expecting two Airbus A320 in February 2015. Ahh… hard times. I’ve never flown on NA, I heard the in-flight meal is nice… Have you guys flown on Nepal Airlines? Do share your experience!

PS. On a similar note, Tribhuvan International Airport interior needs a face-lift, a huge spring clean, new toilets and the staff there ought to be sent to a boot-camp to spruce up their communication skills and maybe taught the art of faking a smile. Let’s be a bit more welcoming – to Nepalis and non-Nepalis.

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  1. I loved the fact about how the airport needs a huge spring cleaning and I think new young people who are actually willing to work. But about not having alcohol on board, I think that’s actually one of the best decisions they probably made so far cause people go crazy with that shyt lol. So crazy that my flight was three hours delayed just cause some guy thought flight was the best place to get wasted. They had to call the ambulance and everything. These people are basically the ones who go work in countries like Dubai and I understand they are probably celebrating their freedom and getting back home and they might have all the money to spent(on my flight yes we had to but alcohol and food and people still get hammered) but it wasn’t a nice experience to actually hear the flight attendance talking to other passanger about how Nepalese do these kinda thing most of the flight and well who could blame them. I don’t think I would be able to handle all of that

  2. Well I haven’t had expereince flying with my home country’s boeing( sararara) but I like the fact you said need clean up! You are absolute right. Country going on corruption. Tribhuvan airport needs big upgradation or it will make big impact on Nepal’s economy.

  3. Surely we will lose business over this?! I don’t drink but I imagine for others, they will still want the option to drink alcohol if they want to. Of course, limit it when you see them getting inebriated. If it’s for health reasons, are they going to ban fizzy drinks too?…

    Agreeing with sprucing up Tribhuvan and what’s up with those forms we have to fill out? Why I can’t I have one I can fill out in English even though they exist?! And the staff are unhelpful and rude and seem to delay things for no obvious reasons.

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