The JERRYY Experience!


I made my way to Civil Mall for the 9AM – first day first show – of JERRYY this morning. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that the morning show was nearly sold out. We had to sit on the second row, seat number 15-16. Since I’ve come to Nepal I’ve watched quite a lot of Nepali films but apart from Rekha Thapa’s HIMMATWALI, none of them have been as busy as JERRYY. A lot of young people. I guess it’s the magic of JERRYY and the host of young faces that the trailer teases you with…

JERRY is a charming watch… whilst the story doesn’t deliver anything new on your plate, it entertains, makes you laugh, has you feeling sad at some parts and most importantly, the film makes you want to be in the film! We all know a JERRYY in our lives… whether it be from our school days or our work-colleagues, there are many characters who you can relate with and the chemistry between JERRYY and Aakansha has been acted well by Anmol KC and Anna Sharma. My highlight was of course Amalia Sharma, a very charming face!

In the scene of Valentines Evening when JERRYY and Aakansha meet on the bridge, the boys (maybe girls too) in the cinema started wooing for Aakansha while the girls (maybe boys too) squealed for JERRYY. It was pretty entertaining. There are many lines and moments that will make the boys laugh and many scenes and dialogues which will make the girls swoon, JERRYY might just work for the audience in and outside of Kathmandu!

Get your plates ready! This bro-medy, drama-dy and love-story entertains!


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