Miss UK Nepal Team Host Beauty With Purpose 2014

Miss UK Nepal 2014 Nia Dewan with Shraddha Gurung from NRNA Youth Association
Miss UK Nepal 2014 Nia Dewan with Shraddha Gurung from NRNA UK Youth Council

The Miss UK Nepal 2014 team organized the annual fundraiser event BEAUTY WITH PURPOSE on 8th of November in Harrow, London. This years fundraiser was in aid of MAITI NEPAL. The charity event was attended by many stakeholders from the Nepali community with the chief guest being NRNA UK President Yogen Chettri and Yeti Association President Umesh Raj Moktan. Miss UK Nepal 2014 1st Runner Up Sumi Shrestha, Miss UK Nepal 2014 2nd Runner Up Aarya Sharma and Miss UK Nepal 2014 Miss Talent and Miss Personality Sushmita Thapa came together to host the event.

The event apparently went live through RadioRhino.net! Fancy! The team state they are still receiving contributions from people all over and hope to raise between £2000 – £3000.

Well done to the team! Just a word, try to look beyond Maiti Nepal – that’s probably the easiest organization to fundraise for given it’s global popularity. Nonetheless, well done! Photos courtesy of Everest Gautam.

Beauty-With-Purpose-3 Beauty-With-Purpose-2 Beauty-With-Purpose-1 Beauty-With-Purpose

So a few things that happened at Beauty With Purpose 2014:

– NRNA UK presented appreciation to all of the MUKN 2014 contestants with khada
– MUKN 2014 team presented “Certificate of Appreciation” to Nepali Youth Organisation in the UK (GMIN UK, Helping You, NRNA UK Youth Council, Blossom-Buds, Childreach Nepal, Heartbeat UK, Live for Change, Mukti and NayaYuwa) for their selfless commitment and contribution to our community
– Dance performances by Shreya Sharma, Archana Giri, Samkichhya Sapkota, Sumita Gurung, Lia Dewan, Durga Gurung (MUKN 2012), Nia Dewan (MUKN 2014), Yamuna Limbu (MUKN2014 contestant) and Sushmita Thapa (MUKN2014 Miss Talent and Miss Personality) 
– Song by Nia Dewan (MUKN 2014); NOX band, RK Square and KSH Creative Production (form Winchester Nepalese Society) performed various songs
– Sarangi was beautifully played by Santosh Gurung
– MUKN 2014 contestants Roji Aryal and Jenny Gurung did a presentation about Maiti Nepal (About who they are, what they do and how the money raised is going to help them)
– Sulav Shrestha (From Winchester Nepalese Society) said a beautiful poem 
– Two fashion shows- 1) All MUKN 2014 contestants walked on the stage flaunting Arch Boutique’s design 2) Nia Dewan (MUKN 2014), Sumi Shrestha (MUKN2014-1st Runner Up), Aarya Sharma (MUKN2014-2nd Runner Up), Gaumaya Gurung (MUKN2011), Neelam Gurung (MUKN2011-2nd Runner Up) and Paru Magar (MUKN2012-1st Runner Up) walked on the stage flaunting Feather Collection UK.

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