KYD Vision’s Too Good To Be True – VIDEO

The team behind Way Out of My League and Remember Me are back with a new short and it’s titled TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. The film features the lead from Way Out of My League Sora Lau and I must say, I really liked his acting in this one! Joining him on-screen is the very pretty Sambridi Gurung and Zac Rai. Zac also directed the short! Making small appearances in the film are Shusil Gurung, Deepika Limbu and So Deep Magar! How beautiful does Deepika look? WOW! No wonder he fell for her haha!

If you enjoy a light watch, slightly cheesy and somewhat predictable then this is worth watching. It’s very, youthful and serves the pre-teen/early teens I believe!


What if you find out that the girl who’s everything you ever want is just a fictional character. Internet is crazy world out there, you never know who you’re going to bump into. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake as this guy. Hope you guys enjoy it and Don’t forget to check out our other movies and Subscribe.

Sambridi and Zac
Sambridi and Zac

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