SHOWDOWN DHARAN 2015 – Mountain Biking in Dharan


Gnarly and Green Wheels recently organised SHOWDOWN DHARAN 2015 – an all out mountain biking event in the bustling Eastern city. The event hosted two main races – Downhill and Cross-Country! From experienced to beginners, the few days long event saw participation from people of varying skills and included many international mountain bikers. The winners took home Nrs 40,000 followed by Nrs 20,000 and Nrs 10,000 on 12th of January, the final day of SHOWDOWN DHARAN. Over 70 mountain bikers took part in the sporting event.

Showdown-Dharan-2015-5 Showdown-Dharan-2015-1

1st: Rajesh Magar (12min 36sec)
2nd: Chris Keeling (12min 59sec)
3rd: Shakar Yakthumba (13min 32sec)

1st: Narayangopal Maharjan (1hr 37min 06sec)
2nd: Ajay Pandit Chettri (1hr 38min 39sec)
3rd: Roan Tamang (1hr 38min 43sec)

1st: Hem Raj KC (39min 43sec)
2nd: Top Jung Rai (40min 45sec)
3rd: Anoj Parajuli (43min 47sec)

1st: Laxmi Magar (31min 50sec)
2nd: Nishma Shrestha (35min 37sec)
3rd: Saria Sato Bajracharya (43min 4sec)

1st: Prachit Thapa Magar (27min 51sec)
2nd: Jigme Tenzin (27min 51sec)
3rd: Kiran Rai (27min 52sec)

Photos by: Anuj Adhikary, Sumit Shrestha and Jon Shrestha

Showdown-Dharan-2015-3 Showdown-Dharan-2015-2

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