Get High In The Himalayas

Guaranteed to get you high!
Only by Himalayan Rides though. This is a total different high, a high that only the thrill-seekers amongst you can dare to experience. You may have felt it before but this time you will actually be high, experiencing and embracing the Himalayas. Himalayan Rides screams adventure! This mountain bike touring company offers you a lifetime experience where you can bike along the Annapurnas to the Terai plains, home to endangered tigers and wild elephants. Aside from that there are countless other destinations that you can expect to embark upon.

The promo video only surfaced online few days ago and has already raked in more than 17,000 views. I plead to all of you netizens to share this video so more will be able to see the magnificent beauty that one can see and experience in Nepal. Even more closer if you decide to get high with Himalayan Rides ;D Enough of my teasing but this video has been filmed like more amazing than amazingly. You’ll see ace-biker Mandil Pradhan on the video which has been directed by Gauravman Sherchan. Instant fan of their work now.

PS. I totally wanna do a sponsor charity bike tour now!! You guys wanna sponsor me. haha!

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Lex Limbu
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