Shristi Shrestha Crowned Miss Nepal 2012

Shristi speaks to Jayan Subba Manandhar of

Miss Nepals of 2011

Talk about a show!

Live streaming of the heavily anticipated Miss Nepal 2012 just wrapped up and Shristi Shrestha victoriously received the crown from Malina Joshi for Miss Nepal 2012. Quick names of the title winners below:

Miss Nepal World- Shristi ShresthaMiss Nepal Earth – Nagma ShresthaMiss Nepal International – Subekshya Khadka
Miss Photogenic – Akesha BistaMiss Beautiful Smile – Nagma ShresthaMiss Confident – Shristi ShresthaMiss Talent – Akesha BistaMiss Public Choice – Neelam Chand

The grand event which was held at the Annapurna Hotel, outdoors for the first time was hosted by former Miss Nepal beauty Sahana Bajracharya and Biraj. They did their job pretty well, dhukka dhukka saath, however I must say the amount of time that the advertisements were played had us viewers constantly tweeting. Very tedious. Nonetheless, huge shout out to one of the judges and dress designer of Miss Nepal 2012, Vishal Kapoor for the beautiful dresses and ethnic wear. Huge improvement from last years clothes. I have to control my thoughts regarding the performances but honestly tell me how you guys felt? The dance performance by Steps Dance Studio (Yay or Nay) and the musical promo performance by Raymon Das Shrestha, Vinay Shrestha and Shreya Sotang for Visa Girl? It was good, but karaoke good. On a positive note, I am looking forward to VISA GIRL, the movie.

On the panel there were few prominent faces including Miss Nepal 2010 Sadichha Shrestha, actress Reecha Sharma and Kush Kumar Joshi as the Chief Judge. Mr Joshi also provided the final answer for the TOP 5 girls. Whilst the stage decor was very plain jane, dull and dead, one must praise the video montage that was played in between. Nice effort. 

I was really rooting for Alisha Kunwar, during the TOP 10 question round I felt that she received the most difficult question. If you remember, it was regarding federal state and so on by the judge affiliated to WWF Nepal. Even though she didn’t look at ease, I felt for the level of question that was given it was a satisfying answer. Quite unfortunate to not have her in the TOP 5.

Now… TOP 5. Hmmm… I think once the question was set (something that will make everyone remember you, quite simple) and the answers given we all knew who would be the title winners for the top three. I personally liked Subeksha’s answer the most; genuine, real and she spoke with ease. Nonetheless, the day decided differently. I guess with beauty pageants a thing that will always go on forever is the conversation, who was more deserving. Let the discussions ensue. 

PS. Having Shristi Shrestha in Miss World automatically increases chances for us, hopefully we’ll be able to crack something! Same goes for Nagma and Subekshya too.
#PS. Malina Joshi’s speech = long but class! She is amazing.

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  1. congratulations 🙂
    but i have this feeling that its bribed
    but anyway this might not be true
    happy for her

  2. i liked nagma’s answer more! shristi ko ta khai k khai k…. but hey shes beautiful

  3. i second you about the Question for Alisha,
    I don;t know who she is, but i felt bad when she was hit by the most difficult question on the spotlight stage,
    I am quite sure even if the same questions was raised for the some judges on the hot-seats, They will be blank for a while,
    I was predicting Nagma as MissNepal seeing her confidence level and the flow of her answers~

  4. I guess the descion is unfair,, nagma’s answer was far more better then shristi, ,,i dont know abt others but personally i felt that way,,

  5. BRAVO!! the only time i checked out the contestants I felt like she really stood out of the crowd.. She’s a beauty..i didn’t watch the show yet so no comments on the braind :p

  6. Nownow.
    Why is everything so automatically linked to bribery?!
    The sad truth is international pageants look for model like features before the girls are finally tested for some brainy questions in the finale.
    So the judges may have taken that into consideration and did their job>

    However I thought Nagma gave a pretty solid answer and with her VJing experience, spoke so effortlessly. I am glad she came in second atleast!

  7. Perhaps Shristi needs to brush up on her acting skills? Hmm. Jokes. Congratulations to her!

  8. congratulations to Shristi, Nagma and Suveshya! I think in the final question answer round Suvechhya and Bandana answerd direct,Shristi slightly touched d point.Nagma n Neelam answered in general.But yeah Nagma speaks confidently. Shristi is definitely beautiful, hot, looks stunning, has great body and posture but when she speaks her facial expression changes to something and her confidence goes somewhere, that is what I felt while watching today’s ‘big’ event. but on a positive note her beauty and build might help to get some achievement while going for international contest!! Overall program was thikthikai..Sahana Bajracharya did good job tonight & Biraz Singh Khadka was OK!(not quite his thing at this time).
    Performances were dull..I think the organizers should have asked “Chhamchhami 2” finalists to perform. They are better, I tell you!
    OK this is what I think about the event!! Anyways we have got our Miss Nepal 2012.. yay 🙂

  9. i think it takes some level of understanding to really appreciate the kind of answers given by Shristi. I think she was on a league of her own. I am sure if the judges were all Nepali heroine n the likes then some other contestant would have won. Shristi was the only one who did not answer like she was writing the answer paper for grade 9 exams. And yes, it’s high time we chose someone who’s got the face n body to take our contestant to the q n a round in miss world.

  10. Congratulations and all the best for Shristi..I’m hopeful she will try her best for the country as we all need to support her, and she will represent us well in Miss World.Let’s see in a year’s time I’m sure she’ll be more confident and successful.

  11. Nagma and shristi they were tough..according to my view of point i guess nagma should have won the title(answer anusar), however shristi is also talentd n have confidence. the judges choose shristi beacause she has a good platform and has perform in various media and where she came from. its all abt media.. but im happy with the result..

  12. yeah Alisha kunwar really got difficult question.and the answer given by Nagma wasn’t good enough,i guess it was out of subject.most genuine answer was given by Bandana Tandukaar actually but it was too short plus not good enough hence genuine. I am happy that Shristi won because she has got the personality and a perfect body!!

  13. I absolutely agreed your feeling about Alisha and
    Suvekshya. Alisha had the toughest question but she answered it as good as she could at that moment. In the Top 5 and Top 10 both, Suvekshya Khadka’s answers were the best and her confidence level was excellent. Shristi deserved to be in the Top 3 but I personally don’t think the Main title plus Miss Confidence???Didn’t see that during the event :S

  14. It was so obvious she would win, the rest didn’t stand a chance. Her name wasn’t even declared initially for the top twenty contestants. She was a shoe-in, poor Nagma. But the most astonishing part, if she lives in London why is she not able to speak proper english and what an accent.

  15. It is amazing to see how people are still disheartened for nagma shrestha and wanted her in the most coveted crown…but honestly speaking, her answer was the most irrelevant to the question asked.It seemed as if she’d trained herself to write about ‘the dignity of the crown,responsibilities that came along and her ever deep desire to be the ‘one’ ‘.her answer was not even close to the question’s relevance.nevertheless, she is a very confident lady and who knows she might just bag an international crown this year?so lets all be supporting and hopeful for her rather than sorry!!as for sristi shrestha, i’m sure she is going to put her best efforts in proving herself and our identity in the foreign land(although i felt she didnt display as much confidence as seen in her modelling pictures when being on the answering side). also i felt a little bad for alisha who received the hardest question on the floor.And yes people,stop saying the show was bribed! these ladies have been training for a long time now and its the performance that got them where they stand today!!

  16. I question the integrity of the Miss Nepal pageant for the following reasons:
    1) The talent was performed one week earlier and the public was not invited. They said that talent would weigh heavily into the final decision. However, Shristi’s talent performance was terrible, as anyone present will concur. Furthermore, none of the top three talents made it to the top five. They keep it hidden so that they can ignore the talent and pick whom they wish without the public becoming upset. I was at the talent night and I can say…things don’t add up.
    2) The second reason the contest is not fair is that, as others have mentioned, the difficulty of the questions asked by the judges varied drastically. I mean come on, “What three things would you like to see in Nepal?” given to Shristi is about as easy as it gets. Why did Alisha Kunwar receive a question that I doubt most well educated people could answer very well on the spot. The judges can weed people out by deciding to ask a difficult or easy question. For the contest to be fair, the questions should be about equal in difficulty. The judges should arrive at a consensus ahead of time about all the questions, and make sure they are more or less uniform as to difficulty.
    3) Finally, as we all know, source and force–nepotism–is an ingrained part of Nepali culture. Newaris dominate the organizational team. Is it a coincidence that Newaris also dominate the winning participants not just this year, but in the past as well? I cannot make the accusation of nepotism or bribery…it would be unfair to do so since I don’t know. However, when other important factors are obviously not honest…like the talent and the equality of questions…it does raise questions about the whole affair.

    It is hard to respect the outcome and it is sad since these girls poured their heart and soul into their efforts for the past 6 weeks. If they had known it wasn’t a fair contest, would they have continued training so hard?

  17. Don’t think shristi shud hv won. though she is beautiful she is so dull n lack confidence… not a fair show…

  18. As one of the other posts said, Shristi’s talent was the worst of them all–I was there. She couldn’t even get through it and she never finished her speech. So it is odd that she had such confidence when answering her question. This, plus the fact that she didn’t hesitate to think of her answer to the question causes one to wonder if she knew her question ahead of time. This is not an accusation against her, but the fairness and honesty of the contest.

  19. As one of the other posts said, Shristi’s talent was the worst of them all–I was there. She couldn’t even get through it and she never finished her speech. So it is odd that she had such confidence when answering her question. This, plus the fact that she didn’t hesitate to think of her answer to the question causes one to wonder if she knew her question ahead of time. This is not an accusation against her, but the fairness and honesty of the contest.

  20. I dnt think sristi desrved the title’miss confident ‘.we have an idiom in nepali that says’juun goruko singh chhaina uskai naam tikhe’.no offense.but i felt like that.ANOTHER THING IS JUST BECOZ SHE LIVES IN LONDON DOESNT MEAN THAT SHE DESRVES THE TITLE.

    another thing that i felt was that the question asked to alisha kunwor was a very difficult question.but she answerd it pretty well.i think there were many aundiences who didnt even understand the was very unfair of the judges.boowho!!TOTALLY UNFAIR

  21. I agree with the post that Alisha Kunwar had been asked a very difficult one ,it was even hard to understand that question.
    Questions should’ve been be at the same level to everyone which it didn’t.
    Shristi answered to judges with confident but didn’t see that confidence before and after, which makes me to feel that she may knew the questions.

    I like the way of speaking with such a confidence of Nagma Shrestha but the final one i found Subekshya’s answer best.

    Don’t know whether the rumors were true or not but any contest should be fair and Cristal clear which makes good impact and influence to others Nepalese to join Miss Nepal contest with true dedication.

  22. I liked Subekchya’s answer as well..In my opinion her answer was the best out of all… Nagma was confident and is a good speaker but she didn’t really answer the question in the final round and also in the previous round her answer about Buddha’s message was very weak however Shristi showed elegance although she didn’t seem that confident when answering the question.. she certainly stood out and she’s got the looks for the international pageant so rather then commenting about who deserved to be the winner we shall wish them luck for the upcoming pageants…GUD LUCK GIRLS!!!!MAKE NEPAL PROUD

  23. Nagma definitely looks disheartened by the decision in the second picture.Well Shristi being crowned Miss World Nepal 2012 there is a ray of hope for everyone of us however she needs to be more confident while she speaks.Best wishes to Shristi and all the other participants for their respective pageant.

  24. You don’t need No Talent nor Confidence to win Miss Nepal ..only a good Height ! So If you are below 5ft 5 Inches don’t even try

  25. Another ‘SHRESTHA ‘ wins the title ???Well I shouldn’t be surprised because the organizers KATHMANDU JAYCEES are mostly all Newars. Nothing is fair in Nepal ajkaal

  26. Why are you guys even talking about race? U think there are lots of Newars in Miss Nepal and u think its unfair? What about all the Bahuns and Chetris in politics? So we better don’t talk about race! It only increases hatred and racism! We all are Nepali, that should be the point. I think all the participants of Miss Nepal 2012 are beautiful! 🙂

  27. Would you say its completely fair Lex since Kush Kumar Joshi and Shristi Shrestha are related?! Just looking good doesn’t make you deserving to win a beauty pageant! I didn’t see any speaking abilities in Shristi and Miss Confidence? Was that a joke? Why not just give her the grown if she was to win anyways and save the money and effort? This is so discouraging for other talented participants!

  28. Relay she is the best contentedness in Miss Nepal 2012. no doubt about it & i like to wish her all the best for Miss world2012

  29. It’s funny to see people moaning about the racism, nepotism tallentlessness etc. Why do people forget it’s miss Nepal not Nobel prize. Look at them judges the only thing they can judge is POTATO. there is nothing better than a girl with A’s in head and D’s in brain (I prefer the later 🙂 ) but it’s rare and Miss Nepal is not where you look for them. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who does not gives a flying fuck to whoever becomes miss Nepal. But what I do care is ‘BIKINI ROUND’ which miss Nepal is missing.
    Agree lads?!!!

  30. Very unfair. She is good-looking,and stays abroad, does not mean you hand over the crown. Akesha Bista dint even made in top 3!!!!!!! Miss Nepal was surely bribe this year.

  31. shristi shrestha lacked confidence even in the interview on ntv ..c looked n sound so nervous that has made me wonder how c did answer the final question haha..nys mukh ramro bhaera chatne hora…c knows how to walk in the ramp only lol..

  32. No doubt that,all the ladies had put on their effort for the “highly proclaimed” event of the year.
    Finally, shristi won the tittle of course…..Congratulations to her…..But I would not say, Shristi is the best replacement for the former ones on this trend. Her looks, body language, posture and stage skills are very good…but when she starts speaking she really lacks confidence factor! And as previously mentioned by some people about talent round…. She was the ONLY ONE who could not complete her “talent show”… and went looking over here and there out of nervousness…. But amazing… she was awarded with Ms. Confident!! irony huh? But hei…on the same round others were also not an exception on making themselves look funny with their hideous songs, fake stuffed Presentations and yeah not to forget a pathetic rap performance by a girl from PKR!! Only couple of em were really good including akesha, who won the tittle miss talent! :))

    Anwz,May be this time judges were looking for someone who can make a remarkable presence in international pageant…so, with her all the looks and modelling skills, i guess she might do some wonders there….Its fine that she bagged the tittle …but i could not agree more on her winning the “Confidence” thing at all…

  33. After working as a TV reporter for almost 3 years of course agma shrestha will know how to speak and have that confidence or shall i say OVER confidence! I personally found her really over the top and PROUDY, and ugh overdone ‘nepal ko chori this nepal ko chori that’ there is no such thing as grace or humbleness with her. Neelam chand should have placed for subeksha, she’s only young, she will learn and Shristi..she’s a new breed of Miss nepal we’ve ever had. High hopes from her!

  34. ^ I second that.
    Nagma did seem a little too proud and she definitely wasn’t happy when she was announced 1st runner up. Shristi on the other hand, might have lacked a bit of confidence but i’d say she’s more genuine.. almost naive but she will learn and grow.

  35. Is anyone else surprised how poor Shristi’s Englsih is. Did I read correctly that she came to the UK at a very young age and lived in Devon, bemused as to what happened to her west country accent. How come she has a proper Indian accent. Shristi’s is very beautiful and will appeal to the international mass market, but I get the feeling it’s beauty over brains, may be the pageant people will coach her on how to speak properly.

  36. I heard that shristy was asked to speak in that accent by the trainers cuz her accent would make her not able to be understood by all it also happened to aura gurung last year as she was also nrn with strong american accent.

  37. Really, that is the most unusual thing I have ever heard. Surely an accent would help in the international market, the person would appear more cosmopolitan and cultured. Who comes up with thiese crazy stuff. Having an Indian accent is not going to help her in the miss world competition.

  38. OK She may have won the contest but she wasn’t in the competition from the beginning!!! She left Nepal around 10 years ago for United Kingdom and suddenly she won Miss Nepal Contest!

  39. Dear Shristi, i hope you will make a history for nepal to become a miss world, congratulation in a advance!

  40. Shristi Shrestha…..deserves to just stand tall and look pretty….but NOT open her mouth!!!Nagma has everything….beauty with brains… thats called CLASS….she deserves every bit of MISS NEPAL title!!every word that she speaks makes sense,sounds mature….only she had the best answer for all the questions asked!!the paegent was surely unfair!!its high time that the Nepalese judges looked beyond beauty….they should look for brains too!!cuz at the end of the day….only the best answer given at the international paegent takes home the crown!!i bet Shristi didn’t even know what was being asked to her during the question round!!i mean her answers were atrocious everytime they asked her any question!!her answers weren’t even related to the questions….not one tiny bit!!even her interviews are embarassing to watch!!i hope Nagma does us proud!!she has what it takes to get the international crown home!!ohh…and one more point….have u guys noticed….most of the answers or lines in every interview dat shristi has given…looks like she’s mugged up her words…itz all repitive!!:-(

  41. i dun thik she deserved the crown,,,,i have participated in couple of beauty pageant but the tragedy is,,,those were already pre planned….there was favoratism,,,,in trainings, rehearsals, make up, dress and everything,,,,,that is what i dun like..bribery is always there and this is no wonder for me personally,,,,,i have seen one of the interview of shristi,,when she was in thailand ,,,and she was like so hesitated to say that she is a Nepali….she said she doesnt go into much detail that whether her father n her mother are Nepalese…haha WTF…no confident and grew up in London but no Good English… last want to say…..Only beauty doesnt work you see….

  42. HAHA BEst of luck for Miss world…are you guys ok??? so sad she wont have enough source(..n.y) to be Miss world..balla talla ta miss Nepal huna payo yaar..

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