Malvika Subba and Riyaz Shrestha – The Interview

Having tied the knot recently on the 25th April, newlywed Malvika Subba and Riyaz Shrestha didn’t bother shying away from the media as the couple who salsa together were seen talking about how they met, their proposal and their life as a married couple so far on Himalaya TV’s chat-show Jeevansathi. If you’re a fan of Miss Subba then you will surely enjoy the program and also get to know Riyaz Shrestha, pretty well. Lovely interview and nothing but best wishes for the couple, however it kinda annoyed me when the host refers to their relationship before marriage as an ”affair”. An affair usually implies that there were more than two people in the relationship. I would stick with the term relationship. 

Nonetheless, good show. Poor Riyaz, having to sing on air. Amusing though.

PS. Good to know that Malvika will stick with her hugely popular name, Malvika Subba. 

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  1. wow!! kasto ramailo interview. But, it is true,the interviewer was not well prepared. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the chat show. Malvika and Riyaj were really candid. I loved it. I felt at times, the interviewer was envious and amazed at how Riyaj fully backed Malvika.

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