FASHION: Bijay Gautam Launch

Bijay Gautam with the models wearing Drape Democracy

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Sunday evening at The Old House in Durbar Marg saw the launch of BIJAY GAUTAM, a new fashion brand under Be Labels fashion house. The “Drape Democracy” Spring Summer 2015 collection consisted of immaculate sarees with floral and bright colour patterns, perfect for any occasion. The intimate launch event saw close family, friends and members of the media. BIJAY GAUTAM is also supporting Dristi Nepal, an organisation that works to rehabilitate female drug users. The final sequence of ‘Drape Democracy’ saw the models holding placards with anti-domestic violence messages. A short performance by Sabina Gopali was a pleasant surprise at the launch. Gautam will be working on menswear in the near future – Phew! That sounds good!

I like how the sarees are very simple yet they have their own unique appeal. Some give off a very Dhaka-like feel whilst the one with flowers gives it a nice classic touch. Drape Democracy is a nice blend of the old and the new.

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  1. wow these look amazing and interesting. and comes at really affordable price. I wish there was a way to ship them to India. I really need to get few sarees as gifts and these seem so perfect. nepal trip next month must include these well

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