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So here’s a product that I tried out recently! Describing itself as “premium loose-leaf tea”TÊTÊ Tea comes in three varieties: black, green and white! I went for the green tea and it tastes pretty sweet! You can find all the important details on the official website but a quick low-down reads:

“At TÊTÊ, we encourage you to consume deliberately. We partnered with undiscovered tea gardens owned by small farmers in the Himalayas and procured premium loose-leaf tea. Our direct partnerships not only benefit the farmers, but also help us in keeping our tea fresh, artisanal, and affordable, resulting in what can be called as the most inexpensive luxury good. Loose-leaf tea is far superior in quality to tea bags, and once you realize how easy it is to brew and enjoy, we guarantee that a whole new world will open up before you.”

TETE-TEA-Taplejung-1 TETE-TEA-Taplejung-2

You can buy TÊTÊ Tea online or at YALA in Patan and The Gift Shop at The City Museum.



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