UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Cricket Stadium in Budhanilkantha

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If things go according to plans then cricket followers can expect a state-of-the-art cricket stadium in Budhanilkantha in three years time! The proposed site of the 30,000 capacity stadium is in Gamcha, Budhanilkantha. Along with seating thousands of cricket supporters, the stadium is expected to come equipped with player’s changing room, medical room, media centre and live commentary room, umpires seating area, CAN operation office and VIP seating area. I hope they have thought about parking!

Titled after a late founding member, the Subarna Shamsher Memorial Cricket Stadium’s foundation stone was recently laid by PM Sushil Koirala. The stadium will occupy 95 ropanis and is estimated to cost Nrs 25 Million. The government has vowed to support the construction of the cricket stadium, it has allocated Nrs 4 Million for this fiscal year!

Looks like a lot of land is being cleared out for the stadium. Nonetheless, I hope the construction goes well, the stadium attracts further investment, creates jobs and opportunities.

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