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“After a while the tears also run dry. I thought it’s no use anymore to just sit and cry with the children. So I picked up these tomatoes from the garden to sell at the highway. Maybe I can earn some money and buy spices and rice. Now the children cry in fear but eventually they will start crying for food.” (Mina Tamang, Taar, Jyamdi, Kavre)


“The earthquake destroyed my house so I walked down to the market to buy a hammer and some nails to try and fix it. And I also bought this nice bag while I was at it.” (Jyurme Lama, Melamchi Bazaar, Sindhupalchok)


“No matter how often we talk about it, the facts remain the same – people died, houses came down, animals died, everyone is waiting for relief. I am happy I am alive and talking to you. And still with a lot of pain inside me, somehow I cannot control these bursts of laughter.” (Bandana Majhi, Gaikhura, Manthali 16, Ramechap)


“It surprising how some lives are more valuable to you that you do anything to protect them. You forget about your own life too. This thing called love. When everything started shaking, we bent over and covered him while everything fell on our backs.” (Sabina Thakuri, Taar, Kavre)


“This is the house I was born in, but today it stands empty. I am afraid to enter and so is my family. I feel sad to say that I am waiting for it to fall down. But at least there would then be a beginning to something.” (Lolang, Kathmandu)


“We cannot just sit here and wait for the trucks. How long will they come? How many times will they come? I am telling the villagers to stop waiting for relief and take it in their own hands to rebuild our houses. It will take time, it will take a lot of money and people, but it’s not like it cannot be done.” (Tupa Kumari Neupane, Badare Gaun, Bhorle, Rasuwa)


“I sit down to rest and then my mind won’t let me. It takes me back to the people who I have been helping at the hospital. I can’t sit like this. I won’t sit like this. I am the hope for Humanity.” (Putalisadak, Kathmandu)

DO IT YOURSELF NEPAL blog-post features photos from Stories of Nepal. Since the day of the first earthquake, Stories of Nepal has been active in capturing the stories of people in Nepal, assisting those in need and supporting communities in Kathmandu and beyond. The photos and captions shared here give hope and encourage those viewing the stories. It shows that as people we are resilient, determined and once again, we will pull through this challenging time. The Stories of Nepal Earthquake Relief Fundraiser is just under its $10,000 goal! With three days left, you can help reach the goal by supporting via IndieGogo!

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