Resham Filili Re-Releasing on August 28!


With life slowly reeling back to normal in Kathmandu, Nepali cinema is also trying it’s best to get back on it’s feet. The most anticipated film of the year RESHAM FILILI had a perfect start with a grand release on Friday April 24th, only to be shattered a day later by the mega-earthquake on April 25. I was also waiting to watch Resham Filili at CTC Mall during the quake! Shucks!

The good thing is, the film will be re-released on AUGUST 28! Hopefully by then, the cinemas located in the shopping malls will also be functional. Pointing towards CTC Mall and Civil Mall. Director Pranab Joshi and actor Karma have been working tirelessly in relief efforts and rehabilitation drives. Kudos to the individuals and more!

The new release date for the film was announced via Facebook. Read the statement below:

“After witnessing the series of catastrophic events the nation went through, Team Resham Filili is deeply broken by the number of lives and property lost in the earthquake.

However, as the nation slowly marches towards rebuilding and resurrecting, we have officially announced our new release date, which is Bhadra 11, 2072 (August 28, 2015). We will be releasing nationwide, as well as overseas on this date. The sales proceeds from overseas and local exhibition will also add up to the “Resurrecting Nepal” fund that we established few weeks in aid of the earthquake victims. We invite all our exhibitors to join us in this cause.

So see you in theaters on Bhadra 11. Lets pick up from where we left, lets re-write history, lets show the world that we can get back in our feet and march towards prosperity.


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