Yama Buddha Prepares for London Gig!


Nepali rapper YAMA BUDDHA will be taking the stage in London for the very first time tomorrow evening at KONNECT LONDON. The popular rapper with a global following has recently made UK his new base having spent the past few months in London. Xclusive Night with Yama Buddha will also have Mastermind, Jay Author, Elijah Melo and Sodeep taking the stage. The gig will be followed by an after-party with Deejay Bro J, DJ CVA and DJ Bickey in charge of the beats to make you dance till the wee hours of the morning.


I had a quick catch-up with Yama Buddha – here’s the lowdown!

You’ve been in the UK for quite a few months now, how has your stay been?

To be honest, It has been really nice except the weather. I have been going around quite a bit, seeing new places and everything is sort of a new experience for me so it’s been more like a learning journey for me. I also have also made a lot of new friends and that’s been one really good thing about it.

From Raw Barz Nepal to Raw Barz UK, how has the UK experience of Raw Barz been for you?

Well, Raw Barz UK is just at its beginning phase and we don’t know what to expect from it yet. We are still calling out people for workshops and trying to polish the talent they have so that they can perform better during the battles. Meeting new rappers is always a great experience for me and I learn a lot from them as well. In thin Raw Barz UK still needs a month or two and we shall be ready for your entertainment.

The big night is only a day away’ how are you feeling?

I am really excited. I love meeting my supporters and fans and interacting with them. This also means I get to meet a lot of friends I haven’t met in a long time. I can’t wait for it actually.

What can fans expect from the evening from you and other performing musicians?

They can expect a lot of entertainment. Everyone is different from each other and they are all so good in what they do. I actually can’t wait to see them perform either as it will be my first time watching them perform as well. I am going to perform some of my new songs from the upcoming tape. But for me this is more like “get to know the people that come see you” kind of an event.

What’s next for Yama Buddha?

I want to put out this mixtape I have been working on which is almost complete now. I have been working with good producers and I believe good things can happen in the near future. I am doing a few charity gigs for Nepal here in London and one in Amsterdam. I like to live in the moment so I don’t know a lot about the future yet but I am definitely starting to get excited for what’s about to come.

Find More Info about Xclusive Night with Yama BuddhaHERE.


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