DUBSMASH FAMOUS : Timro Figure Coca Cola and Bonus ChaoChao!

Ankit and Ranbir
Ankit and Ranbir

Taking off on a big way right now and all over are Dubsmash videos! The short entertaining few seconds can be seen clogging up the newsfeed of many social networking websites including Facebook and Instagram. It’s not only general users who are hooked on Dubsmash but also celebrities from India, USA and even right here in Nepal. Quite a number of Dubsmash videos by Nepali users are making the rounds on the webosphere but the one that seems to have people talking the most about is definitely the Bonus Chao-Chao and Timro Figure Coca-Cola! The two videos that come across original and entertaining feature Ankit Pun and Ranbir Pun Magar. I caught up with the duo for a quick chat about their popular Dubsmash videos!


What was the first Dubsmash video that you made?

ANKIT: The first Dubsmash video that I made was when my sister came to Nepal from Australia. It was on her iPad where I started making videos, I’ve forgotten what I exactly started with. I had a handful of dubsmashes recorded.

RANBIR: First dubsmash video I made was maybe the dialogue of R Rajkumar… “meri life meh sirf 2 cheej hai.. Pyaar pyaar yah maar maar”

Two dubsmash videos by you guys in particular have really become viral in the Nepali webosphere, did you expect such a reaction?

ANKIT: We, my cousin and I, did not really expect that much of a reaction until Nepalese FB got Talent and Dubsmashnepal_official shared our videos.

RANBIR: To be honest we didn’t have any expectation from our video but after #dubsmashnepal_official nominated that it was the best I had a strong feeling that our videos were going to go viral.

Who chose the song “Timro Figure Coca Cola” Nepali film song?

ANKIT: My cousin Ranbir who was in the video with me came up with the idea to use the song Timro Figure Coca Cola.

RANBIR: Ahh… “Timro Figure Coca Cola “, it was me. But to be honest, I was worried that the people might not really like it. However, everything paid off.

Do both of you come up with the idea for the videos?

ANKIT: To be honest, we take turns. Bonus Chao Chao was a song that I chose and the next Timro Figure Coca Cola song was what Ranbir chose. We both mix and match our ideas, especially on the choreography.


Will you continue making more dubsmash videos?

ANKIT: We will try to create Dubsmash which will include both of us, if there is spare time. Ranbir is currently searching for his college while I have college starting next week. For me, I am making many dubsmashes and even short videos on my instagram. Follow me @ankit_poon7 for more videos of mine.

RANBIR: Yeah we will continue making them! You can see more on instagram @ranbirpunmagar

Apart from your own, pick one dubsmash video you like? 

ANKIT: I am a guy who loves creativity in an individual. If I have to choose, I will choose Lhakyila’s dubsmash of her BeatBoxing.

RANBIR: Apart from our own video, I like the one where Lhakyila did a dubsmash where she licked her finger to make tears. #AashuOnPoint


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