Body Builder Santosh Kumar Shrestha Wins BIG!


Nepalese body builder Santosh Kumar Shrestha won big at the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) World Championship in Dubai on June 14. Shrestha who has been living in Sydney since 2008 was part of team Australia and managed to win the titles PNBA fitness model world champion, INBA overall open fitness model world champion, open height division fitness model world champion and acquire second position in open sports model world championship and novice MR physique world championship. Earlier on in 2015, Shrestha also surprised many when he bagged the International Natural Bodybuilding Association’s (INBA) Rookie of the Year Award beating 20 seasoned fitness enthusiasts from across Australia all of whom were under 25.

Santosh-Kumar-Shrestha-Body-Builder-2 Santosh-Kumar-Shrestha-Body-Builder

Shrestha shared about his big win by sharing “I am really proud to represent Australia and my country NEPAL.
Couldn’t be happier and feeling great” on Facebook.

Well I guess that’s a first for a Nepali! I hope his story inspires many – to be consistent, to continue and to conquer! On that note, to also look after our fitness and health. Congratulations!

Photos via Santosh Kumar Shrestha – Facebook.

Downtime in Dubai for Santosh
Downtime in Dubai for Santosh

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