TODAY: Asar Pandhra!


Have you guys had dahi-chiura today? I remember this time last year, I was working for an organisation in Kalanki and that was the first time I had dahi-chiura – on Asar Pandhra! How time flies. Marking ASAR 15 with a ASAREY BHAKA!

Have a good one!

A quick brief on ASAR PANDHRA from

Asar 15, also well known as ropain festival or dahi-chiura khane din, is celebrated mostly by the farmers in Nepal. Ropain in Nepali means rice plantation. The day is very important to the farmers as this day earmarks the day they plant new seedlings of rice crops of the year in their paddies. Nepal is a country exclusively based on agriculture.  The month of Asar is favourable for paddy cultivation due to the rainy season that prevails during this month. The hills and the plains of Nepal are at their zenith in rice plantation. Farmers are very busy in their paddy fields. Farmers, and literally every Nepalese, consider the day as the day for growing quintal by planting kilos. People celebrate the day as the festival. They go to the paddy field, play with the mud and water, plough the field, plants rice and eat beaten rice with yoghurt (dahi-chiura). Asare bhaka or Asare jhyaure geet is the famous folk tune/song that is sung in the paddy fields during rice plantation this month. The day is well marked even in the urban cities at least by taking beaten rice with yoghurt.

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