Jharana Bajrachara Back in Music Video!

The Queen of music videos Jharana Bajracharya is back and looking drop dead beautiful in the music video Timro Maun Ishara. The video sees the recently married Jharana alongside actor Pushpa Khadka. Timro Maun Ishara has been sung by Bishwa Nepali and Sujata Upadhyaya and directed by Bishal Bhandari. Following the normal music video trend starring Bajracharya, she is seen in quite a few sarees in picturesque locations alongside her love interest Pushpa Khadka! Good to see her after a while!

Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015 Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015-9 Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015-4 Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015-3 Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015-2 Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015-10

Song : Timro Maun Ishara
Singer : Bishwa Nepali and Sujata Upadhyaya
Lyrics: Anand Adhikari
Music and Composition : Anand Rai
Arranger: Gopal Rasaily
Audio on: VIBES CREATION / Vibes DIgital Nepal

Actors : Jharana & Pushpa
Camera: Hari Humagain
Editor: Nishan Ghimire
Director: Bishal Bhandari

Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015-8 Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015-7 Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015-6 Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015-1 Jharana-Bajracharya-Model-2015-5

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