Govt Plans For 5 Tall View Towers – Whats Your Say?

The Dharahara tower before the Aprip 25 earthquake.

The Government of Nepal has PROPOSED to erect five tall view towers in the country. The plan is to have one tall view tower in each of the five development zone “in a bid to attract domestic and foreign tourists and boost local economies”. Whilst I understand the motive to boost local economies, I am not for the idea of constructing FIVE tall view towers. Why can’t they just construct one and make that one grand with a lot of additional facilities. Of course, there are a lot of questions being asked regarding ‘if a tall view tower is even required’. Fair question.

Chandramani Adhikari, a member of the National Planning Commission (NPC) shared that if the plan goes ahead, the view towers will be constructed with earthquake resistant technology. Hmm! Not convinced.

I vote for grand memorial landmarks in areas hugely affected by the earthquake. The memorial should have space for photo/visual installations so people can see what the country went through in the time period. Adding on to that, there can be spaces for commercial businesses.

To read fully about the proposed plans to erect the 5 tall view towers – click here.

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