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One thing that I struggle with in general is shopping; I often find that I cannot find things that I like and when I do, I don’t quite look the way I think I would. Shopping in Kathmandu for many is even more difficult with inflated prices for very average items of clothing; it can be a total nightmare. The recently launched fashion store Moksha, The New Me hopes to better the shopping experience of the fashionable ladies and gents of Kathmandu. Moksha owner Bipen Gurung very well knows that shoppers in Kathmandu can be very “brand conscious” and choose international designers over our home-grown designers. The new store which is located in Nagpokhari has a range of items from high-street names to more exclusive fashion brands; Zara, Topman, Guess, GAP to even limited items from Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Moksha believes that style is based on the individual. A personal touch goes a long way and the in-house stylist is hoping to do exactly that by sharing tips, suggestions and ideas to suit your individual taste and make you look and feel great. When questioned about the store name, Gurung shared “मोक्ष has so many meaning but we chose CHANGE. A change in life. We will be serving our valued costumer with suggestions so that they can find a change in them”.

Invitation for MOKSHA - The New Me
Invitation for MOKSHA – The New Me

The opening in June drew in many familiar faces of Kathmandu with many appreciating the store name which is written in Nepali, the range of products available and the interior. Shopping at MOKSHA can cost anywhere between Nrs 600 to Nrs 23,000.

Congratulations to MOKSHA – The New Me team!

Mukhiya, Pechii, Shristi, Bipen
Mukhiya, Pechii, Shristi, Bipen

Shoppers look at the collection
Shoppers look at the collection

Aakas and Akesh
Aakash and Akesh


Anil Keshary Shah
Anil Keshary Shah

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