When Rekha Thapa Met Rishi Dhamala – THE INTERVIEW

Rishi Dhamala and Rekha Thapa are basically a match made in television heaven! The controversial actress appeared on Rishi Dhamala’s talkshow Dhamala Ko Hamala last month and let’s just say, it makes a very entertaining watch. Rekha spills the bean on marriage pressure from her family, being open to finding the right man and when quizzed about her interest in politics, she even jokingly says “Ma tapailai ahile gun hanera maridinchu ra jail janchu”. It’s all in good fun and you really have to watch the interview to make sense of everything. It’s easy to think that both, Rekha Thapa and Rishi Dhamala talk nonsense if I just post their quotes here.

I love the way Rekha Thapa says “okay”, it’s like “okhhaaayyy”. She’s so sassy and in your face – a perfect match for Rishi Dhamala.

TV's Finest! #Sarcasm
TV’s Finest! #Sarcasm

-some of the things she said during the interview –

– [ma] sadharan lifestyle lai biswash garne keti ho.

– Excuse me, next topic please!

– Aarkako logne lai aakha laudina.

– Chitko gunyo yo bhanda choto hunchha.

– Sorry, I don’t have time.

– Aba sambhidhan banos ani nachaulanta.

– Malai risuthyo, maile kutdiye!

– I don’t want to talk!

– Ma tapailai ahile gun hanera maridinchu ra jail janchu.

– Rishi Dhamala le sakcha, Rekha Thapa le sakdaina??

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