Nepal After The Earthquake – VIDEO

I had shared this video previously over on the social media pages and finally here it is on the blog! The video by PASSION TO TRAVEL aims to communicate the present day reality of Nepal to those outside of the country. Yes, Nepal did face an earthquake but a lot of the work to better the affected areas have started and many areas which are left unaffected are now facing a huge downturn in tourist arrivals – with the upcoming season right on the doorstep – it’s urgent that we send a positive message to the world about Nepal as a travel destination. The video was filmed after the earthquake!


This short documentary was filmed between 03 May to 29 June, 2015 ( Of course After the Earthquakes)
Concept / Production Coordinator : PANKAJ PRADHANANGA
Cinematography / Color Grading / Editing: SANDEEP TULADHAR
Narration: SIXIT BHATT

This is an initiative by ‘Passion To Travel community’ to communicate to the world about the ground reality in Nepal aftermath the April Earthquake. Many visitors and locals feel that Nepal is still safe for inspiring holiday . Taking a cultural / Trekking trip to Nepal would be one of the most sustainable ways to empathize with its people. Nepal is determined to bounce back building the Nation better and stronger than ever.

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