Shristi Shrestha in Namana Laaj Video!

Shristi Shrestha has finally made her official Nepali music video debut with the classic NAMANA LAAJ originally from the film Maitighar. The original has been voiced by Prem Dhoj Pradhan and Usha Mageskar and this new version has Prakash Timilsena and Jamuna Sharma. Shristi is seen opposite Shyam Karki in the beautiful black and white music video filmed in Narayagadh and along the banks of the Narayan River.

Shristi-Shrestha-Namaan-Laaj-Nepali-Video Shristi-Shrestha-Namaan-Laaj-Nepali-Video-1 Shristi-Shrestha-Namaan-Laaj-Nepali-Video-2

The music video is a nice rework of an ageless classic. I am sure many young people will be hearing the song for the first time too. If you’re interested in the original version/video, click play below!

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