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ANJALI LAMA covers today’s MOVERS & SHAKERS and she looks beautiful. Lama who burst into the modelling scene few years ago after a feature on VOW Magazine and the online portal CyberSansar has managed to land herself on quite a few magazines and walk the ramp for several fashion shows in Nepal.

Anjali, I just read your autobiographical story on the book PRIDE CLIMBING HIGHER. Though my words may not mean a lot, I want to share how your determination and drive to be a model is inspiring for a lot of people and these people are not exclusive to the LGBTI community. The time right now may present itself as a challenge but I am positive that your action will definitely make a difference and hopefully foster a more accepting community for the future transgender models.

M&S Issue #92; 7, August, 2015
On Cover: Anjali Lama
Cover Photography: Sanjog Rai art photography

Hair & MUA: Bidhisa Shakya
Wardrobe: AngelEye Fashion London
Styling Co-ordinator: Shilpa Maskey

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