Anmol Gurung

KHASEKO TARA by Albatross is definitely a song that doesn’t seem to get old. It’s a classic favourite for many young Nepalese living all over and has been covered a lot on social media. This cover is by Anmol Gurung from the UK. He’s done a pretty good job and along with Khaseko Tara he has also covered Nischal by Albatross and Sabai Thikai Huncha by Astha Tamang Maskey. Worth hearing him out’

The performance was part of the Sangeet Ko Sanjh event held in February this year in Farnborough. The organizers behind the event will be organizing a live Nepali gig at the Nepali Mela in Richmond on August 30th next week. Nepali Mela is a buffet of fun; literally! There’s something for everyone there.

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