Stunning Photos Of Binod Shahi Body Paint Art By Kapil Mani Dixit

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Here’s a set of photos of Binod Shahi like you’ve never seen him before. The beautiful body paint has been done by Nepali artist Kapil Mani Dixit. It’s pretty deep; I like how the spillage of colours on the body evoke so much emotions and images of the world we live in and the feelings that we feel on a daily basis. What do you understand by the image and the art?

You can head over to Snow Yak Foundation page on Facebook to learn more about the wonderful work in the education sector that the foundation and Binod Shahi has been doing in the villages of Upper Dolpa.


Binod Shahi with artist Kapil Mani Dixit
Binod Shahi with artist Kapil Mani Dixit

जिवनका रङ्गहरु
मेरो रङ्गहरु तेरो रङ्गहरु
अहम, अपेक्षा र अत्मियताका रङ्गहरु
बिचारहरुको रङ्ग भावहरुको रङ्ग
जिवनयात्रा भोगाइका रङ्गहरु
ज्ञान शिक्षाका रङ्गहरु
प्रेमको रङ्ग द्वोन्धका रङ्ग
बिद्रोहका रङ्गहरु
रगतको रङ्ग पसिनाको रङ्ग
सत्यका रङ्गहरु भ्रमका रङ्गहरु
सपनाका रङ्गहरु कल्पनाका रङ्गहरु
जगतका रङ्गहरु ब्रम्हान्डका रङ्गहरु

Model : Binod Shahi
Photographer : Motiram Maharjan
Videographer : Sisan Baniya
Lines : Binod Shahi
Editor : Avash Karmacharya

Enjoy the video captured by Sisan Baniya below:

PS. View the full set of photos here.

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