Harayeko Graha Video By KUSH

Now here’s a genre of songs that I don’t usually share on the blog! This is Harayeko Graha by KUSH band and it’s a pretty trippy track! The video fits with the tempo of the song and has been directed by Bizu Karmacharya. The music is really good and definitely stands out on Harayeko Graha!

I am not sure if this is the same person who sang the popular ‘Gaye Mera Ganja Khane Din Haru’ song but some people are suggesting he is. If he is, then it’s great to hear from him again.

Harayeko Graha By Kush

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  1. he is da 1.. who sang Gaja khane dinharu.. actually he is a very talented guy.. love his every songs he made.. keep going bro.. \m/ 😀 \m/

  2. He is Saurav. He is the same guy who sang “Gaye Mera Ganja Khane Din Haru”…Indeed a talented guy from Biratnagar.

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