Alright – getting straight to the point – MAGGIE DOYNE has made it on the list of TOP 10 CNN HEROES for 2015 and voting has already opened. You can vote once every day until November 15, 2015. It’s simple, you select the hero you want to vote for, fill your e-mail in, verify the security number and click Vote! The grand finale event will take place on the 6th of December.

The American philanthropist started the Kopila Valley Children’s Home after a gap year that changed her life. Her stint as a volunteer took her to Fiji, India and brought her to Nepal. Taking a bold step, Maggie returned to her home in New Jersey and came back to Nepal with her savings to build the Kopila Valley Children’s Home. Through her BlinkNow foundation, Maggie has been able to take the vision of Kopila further by opening a Kopila Valley School for more than 350 students and Kopila Valley Women’s Center.

You can see her interview all over YouTube or just Google her name to read about her on Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glamour Mag, Forbes Mag and more. She’s an inspiring human being and I am all for #VoteForMaggieMom



Please click on THIS link to read her CNN interview. This was the highlight from her interview for me:

CNN: What have you learned working with the local community in Nepal?

Doyne: I learned very early on, from the beginning, that I couldn’t come in and just be like, “Here, I have a vision. This is what we’re going to do.” That doesn’t work. It has to be slow; it has to be organic. And it has to come from the community and be a “we” thing.

It’s really important to me that this is a Nepali project, working for Nepal, for the community. So the faces that you see are strong Nepali women and amazing Nepali role-model men.

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