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Besides the love for Friday night’s, if there’s one other thing that the young of Kathmandu love then it’s definitely fashion. The city in the past few years has witnessed a growth of countless new fashion stores, malls, new designers and many fashion enthusiasts turning designers themselves. There’s a small but growing number of people that take trips abroad just to update their wardrobe few times a year.

METAPHOR joins the list of growing stores in the city bringing the best premium range from England, Paris and Italy to Kathmandu. The store promotes it’s collections through ‘celebs inspired looks’ which is always popular with its followers and shoppers. From the Kardashian and Jenner girls to Rihanna and Taylor Swift, you can get their look for a bargain. Of course, if you want to master your own style then you can pick plenty of outfits from UK’s favourite high street brands such as H&M, Forever 21, Mango and more.

Discussing the idea behind the store and the design, Abisek Aveng and Ganga Tamang shared that the current look is a “conversation of the previous warehouse”. The minimal look definitely compliments the aesthetic structure and interiors. The duo added that the interior section is home to “beautifully crafted furniture, various props and graffiti spread over 1000 sq. ft. for which Art Lab Nepal was commissioned to pain the graffiti”.

METAPHOR is more than just a retail space as it doubles up as an art and fashion library where you can find books, seating space and relax as you sip a glass of wine. Fashion and creative individuals can also submit their portfolios to display in the library section. Aveng and Tamang would like to introduce a fashion museum in the future where they also hope to bring London graduate’s collection along with various creative displays.

Keeping up with the winter fashion essentials and the spring season have the team in London and Kathmandu fully occupied. The METAPHOR team hope to replenish the stock every two weeks to ensure that shoppers in Kathmandu have the perfect METAPHOR experience and continue to tell their fashion story.

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