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CHANDRAGIRI HILLS will soon be a destination that will be on the tip of everyone’s tongue! Kathmandu Fun Park Ltd are constructing the mega-project which will connect Thankot with Chandragiri Hills with a cable car as well as hosting facilities from an amusement park, resort, 6D theatre and more. The Chandragiri Hill which offers spectacular views of Kathmandu also has the Holy Bhaleshwor Temple. Chandragiri Hills is poised to be a destination with something for all. A perfect day out for the family, for the couples, friends and to create memories. It will also be the closest cable-car attraction from Kathmandu.

As you can see from these photos shared by Periwinkle Service, the construction seems to be going on full swing with the cable car service set to launch from the Nepali new year in Baishakh (April).

You can find out more on their website Chandragiri Hills or on their Facebook page! Even midst the blockade and the earthquake set-back, this project seems to be marching ahead. Against all odds indeed. Can’t wait to see it finished and I hope they also develop exciting adventure sport activities along the route and on Chandragiri Hills – rock climbing, mountain biking routes and more would be pretty sweet.

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