Music From The UK : MAHASHOOSH By Dhiraj Rai


Every once in a while we get to see a Nepali music video from the UK and this is that ‘once in a while’. MAHASHOOSH by Dhiraj Rai from the UK hit the webosphere in early December 2015 and the video will definitely make a lot of people go ‘Awww’! Apart from a fine video with pretty good looking people (Dhiraj Magar and Shilpa Maskey), Dhiraj Rai serves us with some quality vocals. Quality sound.

I just realised… two Dhiraj’s in the video! Lol.

Dhiraj-Rai-UK-Mahashoosh-Video Dhiraj-Rai-Mahashoosh-Video

Featuring Band Members( Katha Band) – Yogesh Limbu, Navin Rai, Newton Rai
Featuring Artist – Dhiraj Magar/ Shilpa Maskey/ Anan Dewan/ Jenessa Singh Thakuri.
Lyrics/Music Composer – Sanjip Gurung
Music Arranger – Almoda Rana Uprety
Audio Produced By – Kripa Drishya Digital Studio
Director – Veemsen Lama

PS. Dhiraj and Shilpa should star in another MV together. Kinda like a PART 2.

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