Jharana Bajracharya Announces Pregnancy Through Instagram!


Former Miss Nepal Jharana Bajracharya announced her pregnancy with a photo post on Instagram! The actress who married Rahul Agrawal in Kathmandu on March 2015 shared a series of scan photos with the caption “The most exciting time for us. We are becoming a family. Never felt so complete, with all I’ve received being in this marriage. Very blessed I feel to have what I do”. Jharana has been living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since she wed Rahul last year. She also shared a photo of her baby-bump on Instagram.

First Malvika and now Jharana! Beautiful news for the ladies and their partners and their extended family.

Jharana and Malvika are both expecting in April 2016!

Jharana-Bajracharya-Pregnant-1 Jharana-Bajracharya-Pregnant Jharana-Bajracharya-Rahul-Agrawal

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  1. She’s a nobody without alok. Now that alok is gone this woman will fade into oblivion. Alok seemed to have an obsession with this woman, perhaps he secretly fancied her that’s why he would prop up her career time and again by taking her on in his music videos and films when the whole world had forgotten about her.

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